Nowadays the business world moves quickly, demanding immediate and effective responses. For this reason, we offer our Fiber Optic Internet service in Costa Rica.

What is Fiber Optic?

In the sector of data transmission and telecommunications, this is one of the most modern technologies and possibly the one to offer the highest development potential in the long term. Fiber optic’s transmitting capacity is currently several thousand times higher than other transmitting technologies. More information 

Direct Fiber Opctic

This is an internet connection developed especially for the corporate sector. The main difference from the traditional connection is the navigating quality, dedicated internet guarantees, no matter the speed it works with, a safer connection, stable and of high scale.

Some characteristics:

• High speed connection: Internet connection is much faster and downloading large files can be done in a matter of minutes since we offer services up to 1Gbps. Furthermore, you can easily increase or decrease the service’s capacity according to your business’ needs.

• Less interference: Are you fed up with connection cuts or losing speed? Fiber optic is your solution. One of the biggest differences is that the system is practically free of electromagnetic interferences, there is minimum data crossing and there is not much noise, all of which allows low latency and a stable service.

• Safer: Fiber optic cables offer more resistance to intruders because of the speed at which it transmits data.

• Easy installation: Fiber optic cable is thinner and lighter than copper, which facilitates installing it. But keep in mind, fiber optic cable is more delicate so it’s important for the installer to place it in protected areas.

• Permanent assistance: Our NOC team offers 24/7 fiber monitoring, proactively supervising the network’s performance and responding to any possible issues. More information

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