Dedicated  Wireless

Given Costa Rica’s geography, we currently cannot bring our Optic Fiber service all across the country, which is why we complement our coverage with our dedicated wireless service, which allows us to bring our internet into hard to reach areas, comparable to our Fiber Optic service and keeping the quality of dedicated internet.

What is a dedicated connection?

This is an internet connection developed especially for the corporate sector. The main difference from the traditional connection is the navigating quality, dedicated internet guarantees, no matter the speed it works with, a safer connection, stable and of high scale. With this type of connection, the business is connected to a router port, eliminating network traffic and allowing an overall better performance of the system.

Some advantages

• Specialized technical assistance: Our dedicated internet services come with 24/7 availability from our technitians, providing all the support you might need. More information, go to NOC

• Permanent management: Separate from bandwidth, dedicated internet is monitored to proactively supervise our network’s performance and respond to any incidents. More information, go to NOC

• Access security: Aside connection stability, dedicated internet also offers more secure internet browsing.

Other characteristics of our Dedicated Wireless Internet

  • Dedicated End to End links, independent for every customer.
  • High speed connection of up to 100 Mbps.
  • High gain equipment and plates on both installation points (client and immediate node).
  • Optimized signal level, to -50dbm (International Standard).
  • Free Ipv4 and IPv6 public IP addresses.
  • Links are proactively monitored.
  • Redundancy on BackHaul and Network Architecture links.
  • 1:1 Connection (without extra subscription).
  • Easily increase or decrease capacity, according to your business’ need

We invite you to get in touch with our sales department at or by using or online form.