Luminet offers a Network Operation Center, highly specialized, 24/7, 365 days a year. It proactively supervises network performance and responds to incidents such as:

  • Energy interruptions
  • Fiber cuts on the streets posts
  • Failure in communication equipments
  • * DDoS attacks on Internet connection

Our central network is executed on a sturdy platform, the same as for some of the best known worldwide routing providers. We carry out dynamic routing protocols to detect incidents on the network and divert traffic. Our international connections use several BGP network cards, and automated monitoring command sequences can take a route out of service when Internet’s performance is below the acceptable range.
Our monitoring system alerts NOC in any instance of a network incident. We communicate with our clients to let them know an investigation has begun and we provide regular updates. For redundant clients, problems are usually solved in an automated manner.

* The Network Operations Center is the place from which telecommunications on our fiber optic is controlled.