Network Operation Center

Luminet has a Network Operation Center highly specialized 24/7, 365 days a year. Which monitors network performance proactively and responds to incidents such as:

  • Power interruptions
  • Fiber cutting in street poles
  • Failures in telecommunications equipment
  • DDoS attacks on Internet links

Our core network runs on a robust platform of some of the world's most recognized routing providers. We carry out dynamic routing protocols to detect incidents in the network and divert traffic. Our international links use several BGP network cards, and automatic monitoring scripts can take an out of order route when Internet performance is below acceptable thresholds.

Our monitoring system, alert to NOC when a network incident takes place. We communicate with our clients to let them know that an investigation has been initiated and we provide regular updates. For redundant clients, problems are usually solved automatically.

* The Network Control Center (CCR) or Network Operations Center, is the site from which telecommunications control of our fiber optic service is carried out.

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