Nowadays, the business world moves quickly, so immediate and effective responses are demanded, so we offer you our Internet service for Fiber Optic companies in Costa Rica.

What is fiber optics?

In the sector of data transmission and telecommunications, it is one of the leading technologies in this area and possibly offers the greatest potential for future development. The optical transmission capacity is currently several thousand times higher than other forms of transmission.

Direct Fiber Optic

It is an internet connection developed especially for the corporate sector. The main difference with respect to the traditional connection is its quality of navigation, the dedicated internet guarantees, regardless of the speed of this, a more secure, stable and high-scale connection.

Some features are:

• High speed connection: The Internet connection is much faster and the download of large files can be done in minutes as we offer services of up to 1Gbps. In addition, increase or decrease capacity easily according to the need of your business.

• Less interference: Tired of connection cuts or loss of speed? Fiber optic is your solution. One of the big differences is that this system is practically free of electromagnetic interference, has low noise and minimal data crossing, thus offering low latency and stable service.

• More security: Fiber optic cabling offers greater resistance to intrusion because it is more complicated given the speed at which information is transferred.

• Simple installation: Fiber optic cabling is thinner and lighter than copper, which makes installation easier. Of course, the cable is more delicate so it is important that the installer locate it in protected areas

• Permanent assistance: Our NOC team provides 24/7 monitoring of our fiber, proactively monitoring network performance and responding to possible failures.

• Redundancy in BackHaul links and Network Architecture

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