Our experience in networks makes us your ideal consulting partner and as suppliers of the equipment for your projects: great advice, training and purchasing capabilities.

Our networks use CISCO and MIKROTIK equipment mostly as the corporate standard CPE (and ICOTERA as the FTTH CPE for LATAM). Because we have available stock we can meet your needs quickly and cost effectively.


Luminet uses CISCO equipment in all critical locations, so our team of IT technicians and engineers have certifications that have allowed us to gain experience. We offer spare parts in redundancy throughout the equipment.

CISCO remains the leading provider of networks, with a portfolio and an always reliable platform. Ask about solutions for all types of companies and learn how CISCO products can significantly lower your total costs.


From the point of view of cost efficiency, quality, and unique monitoring capabilities, we use standard MIKROTIK as our monitoring router at the customer's location. The excellent results with these CPEs which function as horsepower in our networks.

Our stock allows you to quickly provide a solution to your need and at an efficient cost.


LUMINET is a distributor for LATAM with exclusivity for Central America for ICOTERA. The ideal CPE of p2p (point to point), triple play (Internet, TV and Telephony) and FTTH (Fiber To The Home). ICOTERA is a leader in FTTH equipment in Europe and also one of the most used brands in the RANGE project.

Samples available. The CPEs are sold with a minimum order of 144 units.

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